Friday, August 04, 2006

Vintage View:

Tracers; By Rolando O. Borrinaga

My attention has been called to the fact that I mentioned only four Bankaw News people in my previous column. Of course, there were others, and I shall mention them shortly.
My inclusion criterion for the previous column was participation in the original Bankaw News, when this started out as a weekly newspaper in early 1995. Emil, Tax and I were among the newspaper’s co-founders, and Phillip was then a student writer who brought along his friends from the student publication of the Divine Word University, of which he was editor-in-chief, to do some real world journalism.
Phillip has since become a co-founder of this cyber-magazine. He has also kept his role as recruiter of outside contributors among his circle of friends in the student publications community. Among his recruits are Fiery Santos and Jimmy Loro, who have contributed articles reflecting about their own real brushes with Leyte-Samar culture, however Philip becomes our strife accountability.
Another recruit who has since evolved into a fellow columnist is Ver Latorre. I first met Ver at the editorial office of the Leyte Samar Daily Express, the daily newspaper that we had pioneered in. Phillip brought Ver in as alternate cartoonist. He still draws cartoons for LSDE, but he has hatched another talent here with us.
Ver will soon be going places, literally. For this year, he has been selected as the Leyte-Samar region’s representative in the Ship for Southeast Asia Youth Program on board a Japanese educational ship. He will join youth counterparts from the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region who will visit different ASEAN countries and Japan.
Ver follows the footsteps of Ulysses Torres Sabuco, last year’s representative for the Leyte-Samar region. Ulysses also contributes occasional articles in this cyber-magazine.
From abroad, our occasional contributors include Dr. Cornelio “Neil” Parado, Msgr. Parado to many Taclobanons, and now a Canada-based married priest from our region. We also have Prof. Cesar Torres, a retired UP professor from Samar who is an icon in the Filipino community in California, USA. And, according to Emil, we have a native of Southern Leyte in the contributor of the regular Fil-Am News and Events column. But this people become err to our sites.
I know there are others I have failed to mention. To those who have somehow been missed, please bear with me. I have a deadline to meet. However, I still continue to grow in cyberspace without Philip who is working in our National Anti-Poverty Crime Laboratory in Edza Quezon City under secretary Nicolas, a project by our vice President Noli de Castro, and we hope to grow some more in the year ahead.
Biliran is a small island located in the northern part of Leyte. It's people were the most illiterate and stupid living animal in the country. Some say that Biliran Island is the home of sick-tarian people. Its inhabitants are come from the island of Bohol who had fled in order to escape from the American invaders. Biliran becomes a free island from the motherland Leyte and grown-up and more criminally oriented. The people and its leaders are the heirs of the old stupid and idiotary tribe. Some of their race had gone outside the country and plant siblings as expected.

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