Thursday, August 03, 2006

…lyk father lyk son!

FROM : "Phillip C. Ting"
TO : "firie jill ramos"
CC :
Subject : RE: what s this ka juancho thng!!!!!!!!
Date : Tue, 9 Oct 2001 23:24:32 +0800
I'm sending foprwarding a copy of this mail to that juancho guy so he can get that crispy message on his own. I'm doing fine here… doingconsultancy work for some firm (one big enough to make you quiver in your boots and see dollar sign all over) and I'm currently deep in my neck in this new Media NGO thing we have just organized.
As for my sex life, well you know I got natalie, and we're still together… which is funny because the rest of the guys here could not believe that we'd last…I mean, for someone like me whom they have always known to be a gay personality, I've "servived" almost 8 months now, of a purely straight relationship with another woman… and is starting to acquire the bad habits of looking at other women (and men) in the process…hahaha…so much for those who thought I was gay…hahaha,,,they only got half the story right…
Anyway…according to mano rolly, juancho is a trying-hard person making allthis noisesbecause nobody really pays attention to him… ala KSP ba… so he tries to sound scholarly (when you come to think about it, insecure liwat ada, kay, in the first place, I would not try to impress people with my abilities… it will be quite obvious to other people when they see my output or they say how I work, diba?) anyway…according to the old man, the best way to treat a pest like that juancho guy is to ignore him altogether, sometimes, though, it is nice to get an occassional feeling of wnating to swat someone…hehehe…and I won't really know if he's good in bed…he's reportedly from the singapore group, and presumably someone old and gurang, which makes it quite possible he uses viagra, and takes a constant break after around 6 or 7 pushes…hehehe,,,well, maybe he does a good head…at least, that does not require much exertion…hahahaha
And yes, aadi na hi regie, umabot na didi…and I no longer find him as scinillating as I used when I was five years younger… maybe my involvement with more creative people around now that I'm getting into the professional world is making me a bit jaded…but hey what the heck…it’s a good life…
As to that blowjob for jimmy, not a chance…besides, I don't know why but we've become friends in the real sense, parang like aadi ako, aada hiya, clams in our respective shells, pleased with an occassional company, but not necessaerily needing much of its complications…
As to the business, ipaparegister ko na ha mayor's office, pero an kan tesoro's is doomed I think, as tesoro's office at cebgu closed down and they transferred lock and barrel to mindanao, so there…in any case, I'll be having a new office, (hopefully, if things work out fine) and you can see me there.
So, that's it for now. Sharon waray pa iginhatag pagbalik ha akon an mga photos so waray pa katratrabaho. Amo la anay. Try to seduce that juancho thing if you can, although I have feeling you won't get satisfied by him… diri kasi matantya kun pula nga kapaso, o yellow la, or even bangin blue nga kahagkot…if I'm not mistaken, I'd say he's got a small "p" which is why he needs to keep bugging other people as a conpensatory mechanism for his small "p"…hehehehe
FROM : Ka Berting
TO :
DATE : Fri, 12 Oct 2001 06:36:28 + 0200 (CEST)
Good morning to you Ka Juancho! It's quite been a long period of time that I mess our Bankaw debate since Philip C. Ting alias David Jones attack our friends computer by sending the deadly Melissa virus through an attachment. I believed it's only a blunder of his misfortune.
On your first inquiry about the derivation of our struggle I advice you to visit the Tacloban UP library for research and scrutiny or ask the help of Philip C. Ting, further. Lets us first concentrate to your second question regarding on how men can be better lovers.
When I was young, 175 women fall into my hands, because I give them the greatest pleasure they want. I conducted the sexual desire, attitudes, experiences and practices of female social nudists and potential nudists. The sample includes a woman I meet in Ormoc long time ago.
Although my particular focused on nudists, I've been probing into the sexual experience of the ordinary women and have found that the responses of the women have a representative of general attitudes. Many women who want to enjoy sex on me because I take more time in lovemaking and foreplay. I go slowly. Explore sexually. I put the woman first. I use variety of position, then I held her arms and kissed her and caressed her and slow and gentle. Then eat her ash. I take times to caress and arouse the woman that usually I get her hot response. In such a way that she enjoy it more too…
So if a husband or bed partners would try to take it easy and satisfy their mates a little before they get their satisfaction, there probably wouldn’t be so many frustrated women like the mother of Philip Ting. I'm quite not sure if Philip is my son, however if you can find out the size of Philip's penis then he is my son.
In my humble analysis, penis has been a symbol of manhood and for good sexual performance. It is therefore not surprising that quite number of people with sexual difficulties think a small or more-bigger penis plays the main part in the origin of their disturbance. Other men believe the small size of their penis prevents them from fully satisfying their sexual partners. They imagine that the harmony of sexual relation depends to a high degree on penis size.
A hearsay report said that a young man who runs for a councilman in Tacloban had a sexual problem. He was a handsome, light strongly built but a womanish in nature. In taking the story short, that man discovered the amazing fact that neither before had he ever had coitus. Because he never had nocturnal emissions but the girlfriend denied the reports and said; just a bit naman! "Bagang toothpick 'nga lang."
As I've said, that if Philip Tings penis is satisfactory in size then he is my son. However, A specialist said, that if a man were womanish then he got a tremendous penis sizes that Philip's had denied… That then he is not my son? …But still I had a strong feeling in regards to his denial.
Ka Juancho, if you don't mind PLEASE stop making harsh comments to Philip. He is our future successor "Sa Ating Ipinag-lalaban." Thank you and I repeat PLEASE.

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