Thursday, February 05, 2009

the bloodlines, prostitution and beyond...

Some tough countries make solicitation illegal in many ways. That means that approaching strangers with an offer of sexual service is a crime either in the internet or on the street. But there are prostitute in many country who work in regulated brothels and those go for regular medical checkups and are monitored closely by the authorities.

In US, where a governor was exposed, prostitution and solicitation are considered crimes in almost all its states, except of Nevada and Rhode Island. This is why that governor is in a lot of trouble but his sex scandal had led to considerate debate in US and beyond.

Expert have shown that up to two-third of prostitute have been sexually abused as girls. Most of them have drug dependencies or mental illness, one third have been threatened with death by pimps and almost half have attempted suicide.

Other chilling statistic pointed out that girls typically become prostitutes at the age of 13 or 14 and 89percent of them urgently want to escape the job. Most of them suffer traumatic disorder.

In the Philippines many of them are victims of triads who want to exploit women’s in densely neighboring countries like Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore ect. And study showed that the homicide rate for prostitute is 51 times that of the next most dangerous occupation for women working in public place.

The average age of death of prostitutes in that of study were 34, however some was brutally killed by the pimps or triads who traffic them.

The shocking case of Catherine Dagotdot in Naval Biliran was closed however the truth of that atrocities had never float-up and the scar still fresh but become known as a cause of hereditary mental illness. Many of this bloodline have a new face’s as what Pureza Radomes say’s.

But it is ironic that the case of Pureza Radomes can be considered as prostitution? She just wants to prostitute herself to dr. Lolito Nueve doughtily to earn money to feed her hungry four children, but the fee was secretly acquired from the pocket of the God fearing wife atty Lolita Casas and her lovely kids.

It was reported from a source who asks for anonymity that this bloodline had cause the brutal maltreatment of atty Dionnie Velasquez 3rd wife. While on Dianna Bernardes family affairs it was a co-incident.

Moreover the prostitution flourished when the internet becomes accessible in far flung areas like Naval Biliran and many of them are exposing there vagina and breast to earn money. Believe me!

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