Sunday, January 21, 2007

a joke but hath his meaning....

NOTE: This is only a Joke but you learn something:
You know? The Communist Party of Biliran has three different factions! The CPB Gonzaga, the CPB separatist group of Avela, Gordon, Brigada and the CPB Jaroro. However they have one goal to fight for province hood against velosinism, romualdialism, and letenialism.
Gonzaga and his GONZACOLA launch the Biliran for province hood. Gonzaga is regarded as the proletarian hero of the Biliran province hood communist movement. The first Communist Party of the Biliran is in (1987-88). Gonzaga a real “Anak Agta” but was sabotaged by the separatist group of Avela, Gordon, Brigada and CPB Jaroro started launching the province hood.
Brigada is a genius scholar of LOBI was now a scientist. The separatist convenes a provincessional conference during the launching and they decide to launch the KPN (Katipunan ng mga Palainom sa Naval) or (Katipunan ng mga Palahubog sa Naval). However CPB separatist group and CPB Jaroro are accused of lying in connection with the proclamation of the Province hood of the Biliran.
The Communist Party of Biliran opened its Reestablishment. Attending the conference was highly representative bodies of revolutionary cadres who have militantly adhere to Gonzagas thought, the acme of Marxism-Leninism in the era when imperialism led by Leyte Imperialism is heading towards total collapse and province hood is marching towards Biliran victory. Gonzaga was elected as chairman with his sidekick Ka Avela.
The Communist Party of Biliran is peoples Democratic Revolution and a Proletarian Revolutionary part learning its lessons from all previous revolutionary struggles of the Biliranon into provincehood and from great teaching of Sabontulin and Capts. Land’s idea.
To be a member of the communist party of Biliran, you should be a Biliranon of at least eighteen years of age, who accept Marxism-Leninism, Mao thought. Refer to Article II - CPP Constitution and by-laws.
For more information contact Rolly Borrinaga in the National Anti-Poverty Crime Laboratory in Manila, or call his cell phone number, 09195391518 and his LBCMC residence number 323-3353. He opened this business because the Bankaw media out of business. He is now the investigating director of the institution. In addition, he precedes his masteral investigation degree for Timothy McVeigh studies of the Oklahoma bombing.
His company acquires the biggest income from the poor, and by donation from the poor. So he can run for the next election supported by the poor. More so, “poor the people and buy the people.” The business deals with various collection and donation from the poor people in the “basurahan” area and slums area. Not only in Tondo, Pasay but outside Manila as well.
Its Rolly’s aimed to set-up a name and good name from the poor so he can use them for the next election. He uses dilapidated government computers to contact all cadres around the world with IP address of pass through
He get in touch with the CPP chairman Jose Maria Gahum in Netherlands through Antonio Bello representing the government of Nora Aunor who run for president against Yoyoy.
Presently, the people of Spain from Madred de Manila under the support of your friend “Charlie the Great” controlled Biliran Communism. He split from Ka Danny Padilla’s communist ideology because Danny had punch two field commander of the New People’s Biliran Army.
It was reported that the Kangaroo court has ordered the arrest of Ka Danilo Padilla, based on the complaint filed by Ka Edgar Egano and Ka Romulo Bernardes for Slight Physical Injury and Light Oral Defamation. This is a big punch for the Communism of Biliran. It is loathsome for communist leaders to put the law into their own hands. They are supposed to be the role archetype of the party.
Ironically, Ka Mulong was accused by the CPB separatist group of Avela, Gordon, Brigada of double agent and a traitor to the launching of the Biliran Communism. It was said that he is the eye and ears of the defunct Veloso’s Communist ideology.
The reported spiteful incident involving cadre officials can cause negative impression among the communist party of the Philippines and will negate their interest for the Communism of Biliran re-development plans. This may, as well, cause derangement to our entire local cadres and the people.
It is important for the Biliran Communist Party to realize that we cannot take our achievements if the unity and harmony will be taken for granted.

I’m Ka Berting, from the CPP NPA Leysam. I obtain your email address pass from Sonny T. Saclolo who was in Afghanistan trained for terrorism by Osama Bin Ladin.

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