Saturday, October 28, 2006

Suspect humiliated earlier’ By Mia E. Abellana Sun.Star Staff Reporter

Before the former governor of Biliran was shot inside a ship yesterday, he had an encounter about a week before with the man suspected of killing him.
Eugenio Corpin and Danilo Parilla were reportedly drinking in the same store near the port area in Biliran in the afternoon of Sept. 1. Parilla allegedly approached Corpin and challenged him to a fight.
Naval, Biliran Mayor Gerardo Espina Sr. said that Corpin told him about the incident. Corpin reportedly said he was challenged to a fight but he did not rise to the challenge because he knew he was outnumbered.
Asked to leave
“Nauwawan siya pag-ayo. Mura gud kuno og circus ang pantalan (He was humiliated. He said the pier area looked like a circus),” Espina told radio dyLA yesterday morning. Espina theorized that politics had nothing to do with Parilla’s death.
Though he admitted that Corpin used to be his son’s bodyguard, Espina said Corpin was asked to leave due to his behavior when he got drunk. Espina said both Corpin and Parilla were well-known throughout Biliran.
Naval Municipal Councilor Vicente Curso also said that Corpin was a noted toughie in Biliran.
Corpin was once arrested for illegal possession of firearms and spent five years in the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa. When he was released, he worked for Espina’s son, Biliran Gov. Rogelio Espina.
When he was suspended for his behavior and allegations of gun-toting, he reportedly began recruiting former inmates and formed their own group, the Batang City Jail.
The group was allegedly charged with the robbery of a Vietnamese storeowner in November last year. The case did not push through. Bruises For his part, Corpin’s lawyer, Sisinio Andales, said they were denying involvement in the killing. Andales is a barangay captain in Cebu City. He said Corpin came to Cebu to claim a piece of jewelry he pawned somewhere in Pardo, Cebu City.
They are also studying the possibility of filing a case against his arresting officers because of some bruises on his client’s body.
He has requested Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Bureau Chief Pablo Labra II to have his client undergo a medical exam to make sure his injuries were not serious. Corpin also alleged that some of his belongings were missing.
Andales said he grew up with Corpin in Barangay Basak. They were neighbors with the Ramas and Holganzas and played basketball games against one another.
Corpin has two children with his wife Salome, who is a non-uniformed staff member of Camp Betic in Tacloban City.

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