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FROM: "Phillip C. Ting"
TO: "Ka Juancho"
Subject: Re: Ang Ilaw
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 23:55:48 +0800
What does this mean? Are you trying to make me laugh? Or is your history really that stupid? Or maybe this is just something literary? Whatever it is, I'd appreciate not receiving anymore of it. It does nothing to improve my knowledge of the issues it tries to speak about, much less permit me to draw congent conclusions. Am I expected to react to this with something intelligent, or just as equally tupids? Makes me wonder what the point was of sending this strange article to me. Is it a way to make my day? To fill it with a sense of wonder that there are still people who does not know Bonifacio and could not spell his name properly? Or who doesnot do his research and learn that the true name is Crisanto Evangelista (although research as I might, I cannot find who that ka berting is, must be a familiar of the writer)?
What is the whole point of this? Is it to convince me something? Maybe of the tupiditys of the writer, or his obvious lack of research han histographically accurate data. Is it something to determine my mettle? My identity as a scholar? Why, on that point, we may just as well smile…
[Phillip C. Ting]
From: Ka Juancho []
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 2:16 PM
Subject: Re: Ang Ilaw
Magandang Araw sa iyo MR PHILIP TING, sana kumain kana.
You know!? That Chris Evangelist scores a double victory when he is elected secretary of the COF, and president and secretary of the UIF. That declares a strike against the American-owned Manila Daily Bulletin in protest against an objectionable article in the paper? This is describing as a new phenomenon in the history of the Philippine Labor. And in 1912 is the first Labor Day in the Philippines if I'm not wrong.

The first Labor Union in the Philippines was the Union de Impresores, that declares a strike for higher wages in the printing of La Independencia, edited by Gen. Anthony Launch, located in San Juanico, then the seat of the Philippine Revolutionary government under Agui. And the strike is led by a young minervista Hermie Chorus.

Do you believe that the Socialist-oriented UIF General Secretary Evangelist leaves for the US as a member of the first Philippine Independence mission? And meets "leftist" elements in the American Federation of labor, but return to Philippines with a Marxist orientation?

In 1927 if I'm not wrong, Philippine delegates to the June 1924 Canton Conference report to the COF convention. Evangelist introduces a motion, seconded by Ponce (not Enrile) recommending COF affiliation with the PPTUS headed by American Communist leader Earl Browder. Francis Varon and Chris Evangelist were reelected president and secretary, respectively, of the COF in a special meeting held at Mezzanine flr. Rose Pharmacy Building, P. Zamora St. Tacloban. And the COF decides to reorganize the Partido obrero?

But I don’t have the real knowledge and the beginning of our struggle Mr Ting. But if you can share us the real history not by talking imbecility, then PLEASE email me. However, I believed that the CPP Guerrero is more reliable than the CPP Love because our general program is to stage of the people’s democratic revolution. But from phase to phase in attacking, isolate and destroy the bourgeois reactionary state, the US imperialist the landlords and all local tyrants until their doom in my country. And to establish the armed independent regime and develop the people's ability in the conduct of government in the course of armed struggle. Etc. etc.

My army Mr Ting, the NPA Samar, which is the principal form of organization under the leadership of the CPP Guerrero, which has taken the road of armed revolution in the line with Mao's thought. And this is our instrument for carrying out the Party's central task of seizing political power and consolidating it. In recruiting our army, he shall be a pure Filipino citizen and able-bodied person, irrespective of age, sex, (but not a bakla), colors, and who is capable of suicidal combat duties and who is ready to participate in a protracted armed struggle, ready to be martyred for Jihad or Holy war "para sa aming sinimulan at layunin na ipagpatuloy ang pambansang kilusan democratico tungo sa maunlad na pagbabago. Makibaka nang puspusan laban sa imperyalismo at galamay ng Americano hindi lamang sa pulitika kundi pati sa larangan ng pangkabuhayan, edukasyon at kultura. Buong katatagang ipagtanggol at palakasin ang pagkakaisang hanay ng iba't ibang sangay ng lipunan tungo sa pagkamit lubos na kalayaan at kaunlaran pambansa at kapayapaan pandaigdig. Makisama ka Mr Ting sa progresibong masa para matuto ka nang kanilang mga karanasan sa pakikibaka at makipagpalitan ng kaalaman hindi kahambugan.

Sikapin mong magkaroon ka ng mabuting pag-unawaan at pakikitungo sa lahat ng mga kilusang magpalaya sa iyong pag-ka bakla para bilang ka sa mga tunay na Pilipino na siyang pag asa ng bayan sa kinabukasan. Sikapin mong pag-aralan, isagawa, ipag patuloy at paunlarin ang iyong buhay para naman matulongan mo ang iyong Nanay para mabayaran ang lahat ng inyong butaw. Huwag kang matakot at lumakad ka sa dilim, huwag ka lang magkamaling dumaan sa amin dahil bonutin namin ang iyong OTIN. -npa-

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